Since 2010, Radisson Technologies has been providing world class Internet Service throughout the entire country successfully. Its state-of-art network and well skilled professionals provide quality service and rich solution to our esteemed clients across the country. Due to having strong network and uninterrupted quality service.

Our vision, strategic and organized approach towards the projects, flexible working hours, prompt responses, skilled and experienced team and dedicated customer support makes us outshine above our competitors and be leaders of the industry.

Mission and Values

Radisson Technologies is committed to providing service excellence to customers. Our success is aligned with the success of our customers. By listening and understanding their needs, we advise optimal solutions to solve their real-world communication challenges and facilitate in our best towards their professional success.

Why We're Better

Our network is so design that network availability is 99.999% which is achieved by keeping redundant link (fiber or radio). Moreover, redundant power back-up completely eliminates our network service interruption due to power failure. Again, our future proof network supports IPV 6.0 to cope up the upcoming Internet Service....